What misunderstandings often occur in operating a soft play park ?
What misunderstandings often occur in operating a soft play park ?
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1.No awareness of planning

Many investors chose the project of children's playground, because they valued the good situation of the general environment and chose to follow suit. Facts have proved that blindly copying other people's content only with a passion, the actual result is not as good as imagined; on the contrary, without a realistic attitude, without consideration of practical issues, and without the awareness of adapting measures to local conditions, it is difficult to really develop a good A children's playground. Seemingly simple projects, without specific planning, will cause many obstacles that are difficult to deal with in actual operation. There are often play equipment, which does not match the needs of the surrounding children, so the situation of visitors is not ideal.

2.The game play is boring

There are many disadvantages of copying peers, the most obvious of which is that the gameplay is too similar, and the appeal of the same project is very limited. Especially parents, they don't want their children to waste time playing these repetitive content, which is neither innovative nor nutritious. Therefore, if investors choose to follow the trend and copy for the sake of convenience for a while, the bad consequences in the future will come back to themselves.

3.Unable to develop old customers

Guiding customers to become a member is a good way for children's parks to increase the stickiness of tourists; but there is no exciting content, no eye-catching projects, how can we persuade customers to become a member? What's more, not only the gameplay can't keep up with the trend, but also there are many management problems in the park. The common sanitation problems and equipment aging problems have not been solved well. The experience of such an activity place is relatively poor, let alone Said to increase customer stickiness. For most operators, improving management quality is the key, and only by starting from the most basic details can changes be possible.

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