What misunderstandings often occur in the operation of Indoor Soft playground ?
What misunderstandings often occur in the operation of Indoor Soft playground ?
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1.Only focus on cost reduction, regardless of safety

The safety of amusement equipment has always been the top priority. Deaths and serious injuries occur every year. Therefore, it is a wise move for operators to choose safe and environmentally friendly soft playground equipment.

2. The activity is not interactive ,so boring

In a popular children's playground, the type of children's play items is very important. Good children's play equipment is the root of profitability and the basic reason for attracting customers. Highly interactive play equipment can prolong its life cycle. Repeated play without getting bored, so it is not only necessary to realize the interaction between people and equipment, but also to realize the "competition" of human-to-human interaction.

3.Subjective assumptions and rash investment

Park operators generally have a common misunderstanding when choosing amusement items: they see a new amusement item elsewhere, feel good after experiencing it, and immediately decide to buy it. However, after the amusement project was put into the venue operation, it failed to achieve the expected effect. This is an investment that went into a misunderstanding.When investing, you should not rely solely on subjective assumptions, but should consider from the perspective of consumers, considering a series of issues such as the consumption level around the park and the play habits of consumers. Since it is a children's park, it is necessary to target the habits of the target group. I like to buy amusement items in children's playgrounds. When conditions permit, some relevant investigations should be done, so as to ensure that the children's amusement park can maximize its profitability. 

4.Waste of space, obsessed with quantity

Most of the current children's playgrounds are getting bigger and bigger, but the operators of the parks often just increase the area of the park and ignore the design and planning of the park to be more competitive, and sometimes there are many problems due to unreasonable layout. The dead corner position reduces the utilization rate of the site, increases operating costs, and causes losses.

In addition, for the operation of the park, it is difficult to gather the atmosphere of the park together; some children's parks are small in size, but equipped with a lot of machinery and equipment, I feel that I can't wait to put everything that can be placed, and the whole park The atmosphere gives a very depressing feeling. Misunderstandings in these two situations will bring customers a bad experience, so when planning the park site, we must make reasonable project planning and scientific arrangements based on the size and shape of the site, and we must avoid the practice of seeking perfection. , which is not a wise approach.

5.Park Theme Blurred

We can see that many children's amusement parks are generally named "XX Children's Theme Park". But when actually planning the project, they forget what the theme of their park is, so that the purchase of equipment in the later stage is not targeted, and the final planned equipment has no theme at all.

So how to avoid this kind of misunderstanding? To avoid the misunderstanding of primary and secondary, it is necessary to do something about site decoration, decoration equipment and amusement equipment. In addition, you can also focus on the theme of the park when planning, publicizing and promoting activities in the park , After a long time, your theme will have a label in everyone's mind.

6. Improper collocation of hot and cold items

Generally speaking, the best combination of a venue is a combination of hot items and unpopular items. As we have seen in some children's playgrounds, some areas are very popular, while others are uninterested. This is not conducive to the development of children's playgrounds. operate. The area is limited. If popular projects are gathered together, the crowd will be crowded together, which will cause some tourists to lose because they cannot squeeze in; while unpopular projects have not been paid attention to.

Therefore, it is necessary to intersperse hot and cold items scientifically, so that there are unpopular items among popular items, and popular items among unpopular items, so that tourists can fully play and drive the operation of unpopular items through popular items. Projects run through the entire site, keeping customers as much as possible.

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