The introduction for Swing
The introduction for Swing
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A sort of play-equipment, with a longer cord fastened to a shelf, and a pedal-board hanging below, with which the person swings to and fro. Swinging is a sport created by ethnic minorities in northern China in ancient times. It was introduced by the Central Plains during the spring and autumn. Because of its simple equipment and ease of learning, it was much loved and soon became popular everywhere. After the Han dynasty, swing dancing gradually became a folk custom in Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and other festivals have been handed down to the present day.

In this game, ropes are suspended from the sides of a wooden frame or iron frame, and a horizontal board is tied down. People stand or sit on the board, hold the rope in both hands, and use the force of the pedaling to swing their bodies back and forth into the air..Swinging is for fun, a fun recreational activity..How did the name "Swing" come about?

Swing, the two ancient characters have the word "leather" next to it, and the word "thousand" also has the word "take away", which means to move by grabbing the leather rope. As early as ancient times, the activity of swinging while climbing was created in order to obtain food from high places..It was called "Qianqiu" first. The legend was created by the northern Shanrong people during the Spring and Autumn period..At first it was a rope, held in both hands and swinging..Later, Duke Huan of Qi conquered the Shanrong people and brought "Qianqiu" into the Central Plains. By the time of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, "Qianqiu" was used as the word to celebrate birthdays in the palace, which meant "longevity for thousands of years". Later, to avoid taboos, the word "Qianqiu" was reversed to "Swing". Later, it evolved into a swing with two ropes and a pedal..In the Tang and Song dynasties, swing became a game reserved for women to practice lightness and vigor.

The origins of swing dates back hundreds of thousands of years..At that time, our ancestors had to go to the trees to pick wild fruits or hunt wild animals to make a living..In climbing and running, they usually cling to thick vines and rely on the swaying of rattans to climb trees or cross ditches, the most primitive form of swing..As for swings with ropes hanging from wooden frames and pedals attached to them, they existed in northern China during the Spring and Autumn Period..There is a record in "Yiwenleiju" that "Northern Shanrong used swings as a play during the cold weather". At that time, the ropes used to tie the swings were mostly made of animal skins for the sake of strength, which with the word "leather" as the radical.

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