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Many different trampolines are available for purchase such as trampoline jump park. Skywalker Trampolines, JumpKing, ExacMe, and AlleyOOP are just some of the companies you have to choose from.

Skywalker Trampolines

Skywalker trampoline basketball come with the patented no-gap enclosure design, a heavy duty safety cage and a basketball hoop. It's also built to hold a maximum user weight of 200 pounds, which makes it ideal for individuals of all ages.

The Skywalker basketball hoop is made of a soft material and a reinforced galvanized steel frame. This basketball hoop can be mounted either inside or outside of the trampoline.

When you purchase a trampoline with basketball hoop, you'll have hours of fun and exercise. You can either play inside the hoop or outside of it, depending on the weather. All Skywalker Trampolines feature a foam ball and a heavy-duty net.

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The JumpTastic trampoline basketball hoop is the perfect size for your trampoline. It measures 10.6 inches in diameter, and is 29.5 x 20 inches. This hoop is also designed to be easy to install. Using two long screws, you can attach the hoop to your trampoline.

Aside from being sturdy, this hoop comes with a variety of add-ons. It includes a mini basketball and a pump. You can even add a foam ball to the mix.

Another great feature of this hoop is its rust proof material. It is made of excited steel, so it won't corrode on the outside for long. Additionally, the hoop is enclosed in a transparent work netting.

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