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Adult air zone trampoline park indoor equipment,basketball games gravity jumping trampoline place
Adult air zone trampoline park indoor equipment,basketball games gravity jumping trampoline place
Adult air zone trampoline park indoor equipment,basketball games gravity jumping trampoline place
Adult air zone trampoline park indoor equipment,basketball games gravity jumping trampoline place
Adult air zone trampoline park indoor equipment,basketball games gravity jumping trampoline place

Adult air zone trampoline park indoor equipment,basketball games gravity jumping trampoline place

Product Description

Trampoline history can be traced back to the middle of the 19th century North American Comanche Indians, trampoline is an athlete from the trampoline rebound in the performance of acrobatic sports, it belongs to a gymnastics. In recent years, children trampoline in the amusement equipment industry in the rise, is a benefit product to children's overall health. Set jump, jump, bomb and other projects with a comprehensive children's paradise.

Trampoline Park is an amazing indoor playground for both adult and children, with hundreds of interconnected trampolines from the floor to the walls. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never jumped on a trampoline before, you’ve to try a trampoline park and experience the thrill of defying gravity. Come with your friends or your family and enjoy the thrill of flight at indoor trampoline parks.

As the industry grown, also develop the technology and equipment of trampoline. Some trampoline park focus on the standard service, while some are try to develop new alternative attractions. Some are expanding out to include Ninja Warrior courses, rope course, interactive jumping, donut slide, spider wall, zip line and more. It makes trampoline park more challenging and interesting.The newly trampoline parks have wider range of activities, attract wider population.

Size requirement 

Any size can be customized, the height (site) requirement >3.5m, 5m is better.




Children ,teenager and adults.

Apply LocationAmusement park, indoor themed park, super mall, warehouse, etc.
Theme &designCustomized  ODM and OEM ,design for you for free with your layout



 Trampoline composition

 1): Galvanized pipe:80*80*2mm, 80*50*2.5mm, 40*40*1.5mm

 2): Soft pad: Wooden +70mm EPE +PVC/PU

 3): Spring: length 18cm, 26cm

 4): Foam: sponge size 15*15*15

 5): Trampoline bed: 1800*1800mm and 2130*4260mm

 Payment Terms

 50% deposit before production,50% balance before shippment,T/T, L/C, Western Union,Credit card 

 Delivery date

 10-15 days after your order confirmed and deposit the down payment.


1*20'GP=140 Square Meters  (around )

1*40'HQ=340 Square Meters (around )


Provide specific installation instruction or supply Professional installation team 

FeaturesExercise children's drilling, climbing, jumping, running ability


Galvanized pipe constrcution : 5 years 

Springs : 1year  ( you need to check every month )

Trampoline mats and soft pad : 2 years

Applications:Sports center, amusement park, shopping mall, match, play center, trampoline park, primary school, resort, hotel, hospital,comprehensive business district, independent store, surrounding residential areas, large square or park, suburban scenic spots rest area

Product features:

Trampoline can exercise children's limbs, increase muscle strength. Promote children's cardiopulmonary function, so that blood circulation, metabolic enhancement, myocardial development, increased contractility. Promote the development of the nervous system, prevent disease.

Attention:Please pay attention to the foot when the playing , as well as other hands, elbow, head. Please use the trampoline safe and civilized. Non-professional athletes can not do technical and other difficult moves.

Production process:

Manufacturability advantage explanation: 

1.Coated Iron pipe: the iron pipe of Xingjian will use electrostatic powder spraying equipment to spray powder coating on the surface of the pipe. Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the work-piece to form a powder coating; the powder coating is baked at high temperature, it becomes a final coating with different effects, so as to achieve beautiful appearance and protect the pipe from scratches and rusting.

2.Packaging: Xingjian pays attention to the packaging of products. The packaging of tubes and soft plays are black cotton, bubble bags, and plastic films, which is different from other suppliers who do not pack tubes.

3.Safety standards: Xingjian play toys according to ASTM F381-2016, ASTM F1487-17: cl.6 Performance Requirements; cl.7 Requirements for Access/Egress; cl.12 Structural Integrity, EN 71-14:2018 and ISO9001. There are specialist on standard tests, customize according to any requirement.

Safety Rules:

1.All who enter must have a signed waiver.

2.All participants under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

3..Participants must use all equipment in a safe and responsible manner.

4.Access to equipment is restricted for those who do not meet the minimum age/certified                                                          

5.Children under the age of 7 should never be left unattended.

6.Absolutely no double bouncing.

7.Gripper socks or bare feet only on trampolines.

8.Pockets should be completely empty and jumpers should remove large or loose jewelry, studded belts and, where possible, glasses and hearing aides.

9.No running or racing.

10.No sitting, wrestling or lying down on mats.

11.No climbing the trampoline walls.

12.Prevent collision with other jumpers by paying attention to your surroundings at all times.

13.No gum, food or drink allowed in the trampoline arena.

Product Advantage:

1.Fluorescence webbing: the absorption of traditional Fluorescence webbing for 100% perfect lighting effects is actually only 5%, while the utilization rate of this new type of Fluorescence webbing  for only 5% of lighting effects can reach 200%, thereby enhancing the overall atmosphere and effect of the venue, allowing The trampoline becomes delicate and highlights the theme!

Fluorescence is a photo luminescence phenomenon. When a substance at room temperature is irradiated with incident light of a certain wavelength (usually ultraviolet or X-ray), it absorbs light energy and enters an excited state, and immediately de-excites and emits outgoing light (usually the wavelength is longer than that of the incident light, which is in the Visible light band); and once the incident light is stopped, the luminescence phenomenon disappears immediately. Outgoing light with this property is called fluorescence. Generally, the fluorescence or phosphorescence is distinguished by the continuous luminescence time, the continuous luminescence time is shorter than 10-8 seconds is called fluorescence, and the continuous luminescence time is longer than 10-8 seconds is called phosphorescence. In daily life, people usually refer to all kinds of weak light as fluorescence in a broad sense.

Different from the widely used reflective tape and phosphor webbing, the fluorescent tape made of our exclusive patented technology can be used continuously for five years, which is different from the reflective tapes used in trampolines of other manufacturers. The effect is better, you can refer to our real case photos and live video

2.Fluorescent PVC: free of Cd/AZO/FCKW/PCP/PCB/PCT/ formaldehyde and health hazard substances as prescribed by law— long durability – UV resistant light fastness >6 —perspiration resistant — urine resistant — saliva resistant — waterproof — salt-water resistant — tear resistant — non-irritant – (neon: not adequate for massage tables, light fastness: 4, it is not adequate for outside use, not UV resistant)

3.Double Layer trampoline bed: the double-layer trampoline surface can have double protection to prevent the trampoline surface from damaging the user's foot and provide an additional layer of protection and risk avoidance for operators of trampoline parks.

4.Spring: professionally designated manufacturers, national and third-party certified enterprises, quality assurance, good gloss under natural light, glossy material

quality, reduce the absorption of ultraviolet rays, strengthen the ability of anti-ultraviolet rays, and further improve the service life.

Spring: Made of piano wire, the anti-deformation tensile length is 5 times that of manganese steel, and the service life has been tested for 500,000 times without deformation

Project map:



Reference Image 

Material Specification

Free Jump Area


PP Trampoline bed

EPE+PVC soft pad

Galvanized pipe

Professional Trampoline Area


PP Trampoline bed

EPE+PVC soft pad

Galvanized pipe

Climbing Wall


EPE+PVC soft pad

Galvanized pipe

Sponge Pool Area



Air Bag Area


wooden sponge PVC

Ninjia Course Area854cm*488cm

Galvanized pipe

Wooden+EPE+PVC soft pad

iron accessory

Donut slide Area1037cm

Rope Course Area2200cm*500cm

Galvanized pipe


Low-stretch rope


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