How to setup a ninja course
How to setup a ninja course
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 Note to supervisor:

    After the installation of this set of facilities is completed, there must be management personnel responsible for the use and maintenance before, during and after playing, so as to make better use of the facilities and prolong the service life of the facilities.

1. The management personnel must pass the training and work with a certificate;

2. The management personnel should provide appropriate play guidance for the participants, and the operation of the project

3. Managers should stop participants' illegal attempts and pranks in time.

4. Management personnel should regularly check the bottom of the foam pit 。

Notice to players:

1. This ninja course is limited to people over the age of 13 entertaining under the guidance of their parents or teachers.

2. It is strictly forbidden to bring sharp hard objects (such as knives) to play.

3. It is strictly forbidden for participants to chase and fight, play pranks, do back flips and other dangerous actions in the project.

4. It is strictly forbidden to hang the head down on the project.

5. It is strictly forbidden to stay at the end of the sprint project for a long time, so as not to affect the passing of partners.

6. It is strictly forbidden to put your fingers into the chain hole.

7. It is strictly forbidden to climb the main frame of the truss.

8. Children suffering from heart disease, infectious disease, mental illness or dementia are not allowed to enter.

9. Pay attention to the sanitation in the venue, do not spit anywhere, and take good care of the amusement facilities.

10. During use, if you find that the equipment is loose, the connection is disconnected, the screws are loose and fall off, please do not use it, and contact us immediately, and use it after confirming its safety.

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