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There are a variety of goods that you could want to take a look at if you are the proprietor of a preschool playground equipment and are in the market for new apparatus for the outside playground. These items consist of slides, bouncy ponies, and early childhood development systems.


The inclusion of slides onto playground equipment was a natural progression. In addition to other benefits, they help improve one's strength, coordination, and direction in space. As a consequence of this, they are an important component of any preschool's play area.

Slides in preschool indoor playground can be categorized according on their type, shape, and material. Different kinds of slides include straight, curved, and spiral ones. When selecting a slide for your playground, it is important to take into consideration the age and skill level of your child.

It is essential that you keep safety in mind when selecting a slide, notwithstanding the sort of slide that you choose for. A slide's level of safety can be affected by a number of elements, such as the type of chute, the number of turns, the elevation, and the material that it is made of.

The straight slide is regarded as one of the most traditional kinds of slides. The majority of the time, these chutes are fabricated using anodized aluminum or stainless steel. Sandblasting creates a flat surface on steel slides, which are then used. There is also the possibility of using plastic or low density polyethylene.

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Arsenic in playground equipment

Playgrounds designed specifically for preschoolers pose a number of risks to children while they are there. This can involve being subjected to lead, arsenic, and various other potentially harmful compounds.

When children use playthings made of wood, they put themselves at risk of being exposed to harmful chemicals. Even while many modern playsets have been made safer, older wooden structures can still be hazardous to children.

Wood that has undergone the Copper Chromated Arsenic (CCA) treatment is frequently utilized in the construction of outdoor playgrounds. CCA is a carcinogenic chemical. Because of this, the consumption of CCA in residential settings is no longer permitted as of the year 2004.

Even while CCA happy land indoor playground is not used in commercial applications as frequently as it once was, children are nonetheless at risk of being exposed to the carcinogen. The Environmental Working Group provides arsenic test kits to the public in an effort to reduce the likelihood of these adverse effects.

The Tulane-Xavier Center for Environmental Research and the American Society for Testing and Materials collaborated on a study to determine whether or not children who played on playgrounds made from CCA-treated wood were subjected to higher levels of arsenic. The research was carried out in order to answer this question. It was discovered that the concentration of arsenic on the hands of children who played on playgrounds treated with CCA was four times higher than the concentration of arsenic on the hands of children who played on playgrounds not treated with CCA.

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