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In Phoenix, Arizona, there is a homewood trampoline park called Xtreme Air. A trampoline park was built inside the House of Doors company's former warehouse. It has a trampoline area, a small arcade, and a snack bar. This trampoline park is open from Monday through Saturday, as well as on Sunday and Friday.

The park provides a variety of surfaces to leap, such as the foam pit, basketball hoops, and dodgeball. Parents are not permitted to jump with their children on the trampoline pads, but children are free to use them. Parents may, however, stroll around the trampoline pad. The park has a sizable area with side walks, benches, and entertaining side activities in addition to the trampoline.

Xtreme Mania is a three-hour active event for kids ages three and older that includes two slices of pizza, a drink, and an obstacle course. The price includes access to the dance-offs, obstacle course, and foam zone. Payment is $45.

Kids can spend the night during the holidays or school breaks for an additional $10. The park opens late and is open all night long during these times. A liability waiver must be signed by all parents before their kids are allowed to enter the trampoline park. Additionally, they have to buy a set of Trampoline Safety Jump socks. For all jumpers, these $2.99 socks are a requirement. They can be applied repeatedly. Parents can ride the trampoline if they want to go without their children. Birthday celebrations and entertaining family get-togethers are perfect at Xtreme Air.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

The Sky Zone good trampoline parks is a great place to take your family or friends if you're looking for something entertaining to do. There are numerous trampolines there for you to use at your leisure to bounce and flip. Additionally, you can get in a great workout at the same time. There are also numerous children's programs and exclusive group gatherings.

If you're looking for an extraordinary experience, head to Sky Zone, the world's first indoor trampoline park. You can have fun and exercise at this facility, which has more than 34,000 square feet of space and dozens of trampolines. Additionally, they provide dodgeball and fitness classes. They also provide special "bounce times" for young children and toddlers.

Sky Zone Westminster is one of the company's many locations. You can enjoy a variety of attractions at their Westminster location. They provide services for birthday parties and event hosting in addition to entertainment and fitness. If you're looking for something to do with your kids, you can even sign them up for a warped wall or ninja warrior course. Basketball and dodgeball are also available.

Visit the Sky Zone Westminster website for more details. And if you're in the Cleveland vicinity, you should think about visiting their Canton location, which is situated just north of Michigan Avenue and west of Haggerty Road.

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