airport indoor playground

An airport indoor playground might be an excellent method to entertain your children. It is significantly more enjoyable than going to the mall. In addition to entertaining your children, you also get an excellent workout.

Los Angeles International Airport

The new indoor playground at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is dubbed LAX Beach. It is situated in the Great Hall near the Duty-Free shops. The play area is intended for children ages two to eight.

This play area features a slide, dolphin-shaped foam sculptures, a light table, and bead mazes. Additionally, there are televisions that transmit the Boomerang channel.

The Flight Path Museum and Learning Center is another LAX indoor play facility. This 975 square foot playground has a slide, a soft climbing structure, and a control tower.

You may also view the interactive museum exhibit, which features antique world maps and Lewis and Clark log entries. The airport features an art program that organizes exhibitions on a regular basis, such as the LAX Art Program.

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Honolulu International Airport

The Honolulu International Airport does not have many child-specific amenities. There is one cushioned 

kidzone playground, although it is located exclusively in Concourse C at Gate 18. It contains cool features such as a bead maze and slide.

The Observation Gallery at the airport features amusing aviation-related objects. It is also an excellent area to utilize the complimentary Wi-Fi, which is accessible throughout the entire building.

It's worth noting that the airport is still in the midst of a big refurbishment. To enhance the passenger experience and give greater area for future concessions, new enhancements are being implemented. A six-lane, centralized security checkpoint is one of the most significant alterations. In addition to the continuing expansion of the baggage screening system, this will be implemented.

In the same style as the aforementioned Observation Gallery, the FIS (Federal Inspection Services) building has a nice new feature. It can accommodate more than 400 passengers per hour.

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