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Amusement Park Indoor Equipment Custom design adventures play aluminum zip-line outdoor equipment for sale

Amusement Park Indoor Equipment Custom design adventures play aluminum zip-line outdoor equipment for sale

Product Description

Size requirement 

Any size can be customized, the height (site) requirement >3.5m, 5m is better.




Children ,teenager and adults

Apply LocationAmusement park, indoor themed park, super mall, warehouse, etc.
Theme &designCustomized  ODM and OEM ,design for you for free with your layout



 Trampoline composition

 1): Galvanized pipe:80*80*2mm, 80*50*2.5mm, 40*40*1.5mm

 2): Soft pad: Wooden +70mm EPE +PVC/PU

 3): Spring: length 18cm, 26cm

 4): Foam: sponge size 15*15*15

 5): Trampoline bed: 1800*1800mm and 2130*4260mm

 Payment Terms

 50% deposit before production,50% balance before shippment,T/T, L/C, Western Union,Credit card 

 Delivery date

 10-15 days after your order confirmed and deposit the down payment.


1*20'GP=140 Square Meters  (around )

1*40'HQ=340 Square Meters (around )


Provide specific installation instruction or supply Professional installation team 


Galvanized pipe constrcution : 5 years 

Springs : 1year  ( you need to check every month )

Trampoline mats and soft pad : 2 years

material object:

Product introduction:

Ropeways have been used as a method of transport in some mountainous countries for more than 2,000 years, possibly starting in China, India and Japan as early as 250 BC, remaining in use in some remote areas in China such as Nujiang (Salween) valley in Yunnan as late as 2015 before being replaced by bridges. 

Zip-lines may be designed for children's play and found on some adventure playgrounds. Inclines are fairly shallow and so the speeds kept relatively low, negating the need for a means of stopping. The term "flying fox" is commonly used in reference to such a small-scale zip-line in Australia, New Zealand, and Scotland. With playground equipment, the pulleys are fixed to the cable, the user typically hanging onto a handgrip underneath, but occasionally including a seat or a safety strap. 

Zipline is not a hard training camp such as a commercial marine boot camp experience program that pushes your body and mind to the limit, nor does it stimulate your sense of fear deliberately, as they do with bungee jumping.

Zip lining is a new type of recreational sports activity in which the customers may experience the excitement of zooming through the sky in the clean air of the forest with their family, friends, and other loved ones. It can help them open their minds to other members of their groups and strengthen their bonds.

Project Map:

Product information:

The standard Zipline is a classic thrill ride for one. The Racing Zipline puts competitors side-by-side to race to the opposite end of the pit. Both Ziplines feature a return trolley that delivers the Zipline handle back to the court monitor after each run. This Zipline has an airbag below the line, it can help to protect the users from injuries. 

Through our engineering excellence and passion for quality, our indoor Zip Lines between platforms to give adventure-seekers of all ages the rides of their lives. Our zip line platforms are designed by certified engineers to assure ultimate safety and are backed by an exclusive lifetime warranty to allow for extended wear and tear.

Product features:

Our zip line systems combine incredible excitement with strong visual appeal and unparalleled safety. Each of our projects receives the same level of care and safety, no matter the size, location, or investment. As a result, all of our zip lines are exceptionally safe, visually pleasing, and extremely long lasting. 

Zip-lines can exercise children's limbs, increase muscle strength. Promote children's cardiopulmonary function, so that blood circulation, metabolic enhancement, myocardial development, increased contractility. Promote the development of the nervous system, prevent disease.


Sports center, amusement park, shopping mall, match, play center, trampoline park, primary school, resort, hotel, hospital,comprehensive business district, independent store, surrounding residential areas, large square or park, suburban scenic spots rest area

Production process:

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