Trampoline Introduction

Trampoline Introduction

What is Trampoline ?

Jumping on a trampoline is an activity that young children love.It has been popping up everywhere, but what is a trampoline park,you really know it ?
It’s not just one trampoline someone’s dragged outside! Instead, it’s a whole building — and one part of the building just happens to be all trampoline. It’s similar to going inside a bouncy house, except trampoline parks are actually a bit safer. You can’t go in with shoes, there may be a safety video required, and there’s always supervision. But what do you do at a trampoline park?

You bounce. Yes, It's really true! Trampoline parks are a great source of fun, especially if you have younger children. They can literally bounce off the walls, without hurting themselves, and they might even exhaust themselves out eventually. Trampoline parks have also been used for fitness — many offer special bouncing classes, with exercises and activities designed to get you in shape.

If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, you’re in luck! There are trampoline parks popping up all over the place, so it’s easy to go in and check out the action.

The trampoline park is a very profitable investment because it appeals enormously to all age groups. Jumping keeps you in shape and makes you happy, look at the jumpers, they are all smiling ! There are a lot of them opening every year because it is a relatively new activity and in addition to guarantee fun, they are accessible 7 days a week and regardless of the season.New generation trampoline parks should no longer be spaces for simpl

Location suggestion

The location determinate life or death of investment on indoor trampoline park business. It is vital that you indoor trampoline park on good environment, lots people around the location on foot traffic, other type of business around the area such as sports , supermarket. A park or big community nearby stadium ,sports center.

Collect, investigate and analyze the location of trampoline park, crowd positioning, industry formats and other relevant information
The site selection of any industry plays a key role (70%) in the later period of trampoline park profit making, and the site selection of indoor trampoline area is no exception. Park should be located in the surrounding or central areas surrounded by shopping malls, sports centers, residential areas, stadium and other institutions with a concentrated flow of people. These areas have their own flow, which can avoid a lot of promotion costs in the later period.

TAccording to the proportion of the crowd structure around the venue, make accurate crowd positioning. If you are surrounded by children, add some playground items suitable for children in the project settings; if the surrounding population structure is mostly 5-12 children, you can choose to expand the free bounce area. If there are more children in the adolescent and adult age groups, there are two groups of people Set up more functional projects.

Point need be known about the location ,

We learn all details of your place, No only the specification of width, length and height. But also where is the best location for the entrance, how to security the pillar.

1.We learn all details of your place, No only the specification of width, length and height. But also where is the best location for the entrance, how to security the pillar.

2.Do you have a CAD file (provided by an architect) that you can provide us?

3.Are there any beams,poles or obstructions in your location that will be in the playground installation area?

4.Are there any obstructions in the ceiling space such as air conditioning vents,exhaust ducts,hanging lights,etc. in the playground structure?If so,please provide picture of the obstruction and measurements as well.

5.Are there any hidden doors or fire exits we need to be aware of in the playgrounds area?

6.If have real photo of location will be great help .

For example :

Activities introduction

Trampoline popular items

Dodge Ball

Rainbow Net


Ball Pit

Sky Trail

Spiral Slide


Drop Slide

Rope Course

Spider Tower



Ninja Course

Gun Play Zone

Spider Wall

Toddler Area

Spider Tower

Palm Tree

Fighting sticks

Interactive Projectior

Climbing Ball

Wall Games

Wipe Out

Fiberglass Slide

Climbing Wall

City Town Area

Fighting balls

Donut Slide

Drop Slide

Role Play Area

Single plank bridge

Ball Games

Designs show

Real Case Show

Material Detail

Main Frame:80*80*2.0mm

Fence around the jumping area: The fence adopts φ48*1.5mm galvanized pipe. The fence is protection,Installation,etc.

The flat pavement adopts double layer end face,which is made of PP material. It has strong surface rigidity,good shrinkage,excellent impact strength an scratch resistance.

The safety wheel has an automatic protection system. Automatically adjusts according to the climber's weight, formulate resistance smooth and steady descent.

Ordinary Spring:18cm Professional Spring:30cm long in four corners,26cm long for periphery parts. All the Spring's surface is galvanized with good softness.

The pad with 0.45mm thick PVC cover to wrap 70mm thick strength pearl cotton

foot plate:80*50*5mm Reduces damage to the ground and keeps the trampoline at a consistent level after installation.

Foam Pit Size: 1000mm*50mm thick Soft Pad under:7cm or 14cm thick EVA mats:100*100*2cm Foam:15*15*15cm All the foams are flame-retardant,notoxic,tasteless non-irritating.

Jumping surface hook:50*30*5mm ,The hooks use triangular shape,which will be more secure and stronger.

Fluorescence webbing:our utilization rate of this new type of Fluorescence webbing for only 5% of lighting effects can reach 200%

Double Hole Climbing Rock:It is made of synthetic materials and has no toxic effects on the human body.

Professional trampoline mat training jumping mat: PA66 cotton ribbon. Assist users to complete various actions

1.Fluorescence webbing: the absorption of traditional Fluorescence webbing for 100% perfect lighting effects is actually only 5%, while the utilization rate of this new type of Fluorescence webbing for only 5% of lighting effects can reach 200%, thereby enhancing the overall atmosphere and effect of the venue, allowing The trampoline becomes delicate and highlights the theme!

Fluorescence is a photo luminescence phenomenon. When a substance at room temperature is irradiated with incident light of a certain wavelength (usually ultraviolet or X-ray), it absorbs light energy and enters an excited state, and immediately de-excites and emits outgoing light (usually the wavelength is longer than that of the incident light, which is in the Visible light band); and once the incident light is stopped, the luminescence phenomenon disappears immediately. Outgoing light with this property is called fluorescence. Generally, the fluorescence or phosphorescence is distinguished by the continuous luminescence time, the continuous luminescence time is shorter than 10-8 seconds is called fluorescence, and the continuous luminescence time is longer than 10-8 seconds is called phosphorescence. In daily life, people usually refer to all kinds of weak light as fluorescence in a broad sense.

Different from the widely used reflective tape and phosphor webbing, the fluorescent tape made of our exclusive patented technology can be used continuously for five years, which is different from the reflective tapes used in trampolines of other manufacturers. The effect is better, you can refer to our real case photos and live video

2.Fluorescent PVC: free of Cd/AZO/FCKW/PCP/PCB/PCT/ formaldehyde and health hazard substances as prescribed by law— long durability – UV resistant light fastness >6 —perspiration resistant — urine resistant — saliva resistant — waterproof — salt-water resistant — tear resistant — non-irritant – (neon: not adequate for massage tables, light fastness: 4, it is not adequate for outside use, not UV resistant)

3.Double Layer trampoline bed: the double-layer trampoline surface can have double protection to prevent the trampoline surface from damaging the user's foot and provide an additional layer of protection and risk avoidance for operators of trampoline parks.

4.Spring: professionally designated manufacturers, national and third-party certified enterprises, quality assurance, good gloss under natural light, glossy material quality, reduce the absorption of ultraviolet rays, strengthen the ability of anti-ultraviolet rays, and further improve the service life. Spring: Made of piano wire, the anti-deformation tensile length is 5 times that of manganese steel, and the service life has been tested for 500,000 times without deformation

Production process

Materials Prepare

1.Materials Prepare

PVC Cutting

2.PVC Cutting



Soft Parts Production

4.Soft Parts Production

Nail Gun

5.Nail Gun



galvanized steel pipe 48

7.galvanized steel pipe 48


8.trial installation

Build Text

9.Build Text

Container Loading

10.Container Loading

Installation support

We are committed to achieving customer cost savings by simplifying installation. For trampoline project structures, if the trampoline area bigger than 1000sqm and combined with many complex items, the installation will be better done by our technicians, we would like to provide the best technicians team who have the skills and knowledge to execute the installation.
A proper installation is important for trampoline park,we have to consider safety, longevity and appearance... For smaller trampoline area (100-500), Clients also can do the installation with our 3D installation diagram. We guarantee the installation details as clear as possible and immediately response during the installation if get any problem by Skype, phone, Whatsapp and email.

Firstly, Before delivery we will do trial assemble of iron parts in our factory, the mats already install with the iron holes. Secondly,there will be more photos send to the clients before balance payment.
Thirdly, we will mark numbers on parts then make 3D installation diagram, Number on 3D diagram match with components.

  • Assemble the frame
  • Assemble mats,spring,foam pit,climbing wall
  • Assemble the Net and PVC cover finally

1.Assemble the frame

The basic components of the trampoline: free bouncing area, foam pit area, rock climbing area etc... Make sure the floor is flat for trampoline park.
The model for frame: (install according to the CAD drawings)

Screws for install the frame:

Spring for the trampoline:

2.Assemble mats,spring,foam pit,climbing wall

Install it one-by-one , You will find it very easy to install.

3.Assemble the Net and PVC cover finally

Install the net around the trampoline ,Netting on where have gaps that kids may go on wrong directly or fall.

Warning :What we show here just example , more details please send inquiry on our website!

Running guidance

After you opened a children indoor playground, how to do the promotion and attract more persons? This will be a problem for most people. Since we have done the playground more than 10 years, and always talked further with the final customers and offered suggestions for them to run the playground, and then got their feedback. Thus we summarized the professional plans for the running guidance, here we will briefly mention.

1.Identify your target customer

There are also many kinds of the trampoline, such as not so adventure items like normal trampoline bed, stick wall , dodgeball and so on for the children under 13 years old, and challenge and adventure items like ninja course, spider tower, climbing walls, adventure racing games for the above 13 years old children and adults. So you need to observe the flow of people nearby the location and identify your target customer first. Then we customized the trampoline plan for you.

2.Advertising :

A:Posters and related forms of publicity (the customization of posters, billboards, roller, banners, slogans, store LED display, etc., the trampoline park is about to open information publicity. If you have the cooperate with the shopping mall, the effect will be better. Banisters, stairs, glass, and balustrades can also be used as advertising positions, as well as community bulletin boards. B.Community entry publicity C.Distribute leaflets and balloons D. Social media likes free play Social media praise publicity, by forwarding the opening of the children's park information to the facebook, instagram, tiktok video, Youtube, mini program and other soical media. E. Mobile advertising Mobile advertising, which has become popular in recent years, involves placing your promotional content on taxis and various types of cars and paying for time periods on a monthly or quarterly basis. Reach the city - wide publicity, but the cost is high, can only be a small range of investment. F. Joint publicity For example, kindergartens, children stores, toy stores, children's clothing stores, etc. G. Network publicity and promotion Send opening publicity information to well-known local portals, community websites, parent-child parenting websites, forums, post bars, etc. H.Team building project promotion.

3.Opening day event publicity :

A. Free experience; B. Member Card discount; C. Gift-giving activities; D. Lucky draw; E. On-site interaction

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