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Cheap toddler playground indoor soft play equipment set for kids party rentals

Cheap toddler playground indoor soft play equipment set for kids party rentals

Product Description


Cheap toddler playground indoor soft play equipment set for kids party rentals



 Size (L*W*H)





Plastic parts: LLDPE imported from Korea, high temperature resistance,.


Iron parts: Galvanized Steel Dia:48mm; ,Pipe Thickness: 2.2 mm conforming to the National

 standard GB/T3091-2001, with 0.45 mm PVC foam coated

 Soft parts: innermost—wood; middle—sponge; outmost—PVC

 Mat: EVA, different size and color for your selection


 Professional CAD instruction or arrange professional staff install

 Delivery time

 7-12 days  after your order conformation and deposit




Multifunctional, high quality, and satisfactory design

Safety Standards:

EN1176, ASTM

Age group:

3-12 years old



After-sale Service

1 year

Example of design drawing:


Indoor playgrounds, also known as indoor play centers, are playgrounds located in the interior environment. They are specifically designed for kids to play in and have tremendous fun with. The soft-contained structure and play equipment are wrapped in soft foam to absorb the impact when children fall or bounce around. These are best suitable for children from 0-12 years. 

The play equipment is covered with a soft layer of foam, as well as the floor so that your child does not get hurt if he falls or bumps. In addition, there are often playing blocks with which you can build high towers, there is a ball pit and there are various trampolines. In short: it is one big play paradise for children which is full of colorful balls and soft materials. 

Baby Section:

There is a separate section for babies who can crawl or just lie down on their tummy. That section is also best for babies who just learned to walk. 

For Parents:

For parents, there is usually a huge sitting area where they can sit while children can play. An advantage that this place also has restaurants that provide basic snacks and drinks.  

Here is the list of indoor playground:

Monkey town: Monkey town is a chain of indoor playgrounds. There are more than 40 branches throughout the Netherlands. Many locations have extra activities such as bowling, laser games, a children’s disco or an outdoor playground. You can go there with your baby from 1 year.

 Ballgy: Ballorig is a chain of indoor playgrounds that can be found in no fewer than 38 places. The biggest advantage of Ballorig is the specially equipped toddler room. Only children up to the age of 5 can play here. 

KidZcity.:KidZcity in Utrecht is more than an indoor play paradise: it is an indoor funfair, including a playground. There are bumper cars, a merry-go-round, slides, climbing corners, laser games and there is a toddler corner.

Indoor playground details:


1.Check the items each morning and night.

2.Make sure no screws off. NO Screw cap off , resulting in screws exposed.

3.Electric equipment running sound with or without abnormal, whether the wire exposed.

4.Electric equipment in the transmission parts, grinding parts need to drop mechanical oil per month.

5.Damage to the toy should immediately stop using, repair or replacement.

6.Rope, lock, board, belt and other connection parts with or without exception.

7.If you find any other unusual circumstances please contact our company.


Kindergarten, Daycare, Restidential Area,Shopping Mall.Children’s Museums

Commercial Play Centers, Amusement Parks,Restaurants

Production process:

Photo of installer:

Workshop drawing:

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