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New Design Rectangle Multifunction Gym Indoor Kids Ninja Course Set Equipment for sport play fitness

New Design Rectangle Multifunction Gym Indoor Kids Ninja Course Set Equipment for sport play fitness

Product Description

Product introduction:

Ninja Warrior (sometimes abbreviated as ANW) is an American sports entertainment reality show based on the Japanese television reality show Sasuke. It features thousands of competitors attempting to complete series of obstacle courses of increasing difficulty in various cities across the United States, in hopes of advancing to the national finals on the Las Vegas Strip and becoming the season's " Ninja Warrior."

Cargo Net Ninja Bags are a high quality net bag designed and fabricated to allow traversing over foam pits and other soft surfaces to create games based on the Ninja Warrior obstacle TV series. The aim is to climb from one cargo bag to the next without falling off. The constant movement and swinging motion uses a variety of different skills to be successful. It doesn’t matter how strong you are which means the cargo bag feature is perfect for all ages and abilities. Strength alone will not make you successful. Coordination, balance and timing are all important! We use high quality rope, filled with soft foam blocks. We hang the cargo bags from our metal frameworks and we use. a hanger to thread through loops onto the frame. Installation is easy .

Floating discs are a great feature for Ninja obstacle courses. They are a concept entirely designed and produced by 2kiddy and the aim of the game is to step from one disc to the other, maintaining balance as you swing across. It takes timing and balance to hold on and be successful as you step across this very incomplete and fragile bridge of discs.  They are fixed to a high quality rope with easy fixings to loop over the frame structure.

material object:


1.Check the items each morning and night.

2.Make sure no screws off. NO Screw cap off , resulting in screws exposed.

3.Electric equipment running sound with or without abnormal, whether the wire exposed.

4.Electric equipment in the transmission parts, grinding parts need to drop mechanical oil per month.

5.Damage to the toy should immediately stop using, repair or replacement.

6.Rope, lock, board, belt and other connection parts with or without exception.

7.If you find any other unusual circumstances please contact our company.

Project Map:


1) Factory direct supply

2) All welders with rich welding experience over 5 years

3) Experienced design team provide you with professional drawings for free

4) SGS certificated raw material and advanced production equipment.

5) 100% quality inspection and fast delivery time

6) Offer many kinds of obstacles as well, One-Stop Solution Service!

7) High quality, competitive price, portable and durable.

Production process:

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