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Commercial Business Plan Obstacle Course Wingnut Swing Ninja Warrior trampoline play centre

Commercial Business Plan Obstacle Course Wingnut Swing Ninja Warrior trampoline play centre

Product Description





Truss Material

Quality Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6

Section12'x12' / 305*305mm
Length1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft

 Main tube


 Vice tube

 Φ50*3mm & Φ30*2mm

 Brace tube


Connected Type

Bolt/ Screw

Truss Accessories

Screws, bolts, and washers to secure together trussing

Design Service 

Available and for free

Truss ColorSilver, black, blue, yellow...
Age range3-12 years old 
After-sale Service1 year 

Example of design drawing:


swinging Monkey Bars are the modern day version of the traditional Monkey Bars game from 2kiddy. These swinging rungs are higher on the difficulty level and require more strength than our normal floating ladder game because timing and coordination is harder to judge during the swinging motion. We manufacture our swinging Monkey Bars from high quality steel and they fix easily to our ninja obstacle course frames using adjustable metal clasps, connected by a chain.

Our Warped Wall game (also known as warrior wall) is a twist on the quarter pipe found in skateboard & BMX parks. Participants use their skills to run at the quarter pipe to run up the wall as far as possible. Starting off as a gentle curve, it gradually gets steeper until it is fully vertical. Using skill and timing, the player needs to run as far up as they can, before grabbing the top ledge and pulling themselves up. We have two lanes offering different levels of difficulty. Ordinarily we build the Warped Wall on site from wooden framing and plywood outer walls. We finish them with high quality, hard wearing paint. Fundamentally, the Warped Wall is a fantastic final obstacle to any ninja course both as the final frontier, and as a show piece for players to stand above the rest of the field!

The Rotating Log games are one of the most subtle and underrated ninja obstacle course features. It is a great leveler for all participants and the aim of the game is to gently walk or run across it without being tossed off because it spins too quickly. Completely designed and manufactured in house, the Rotating Log has been refined and developed over many years. We believe it is the highest quality rotating log on the market using the highest quality steel bearings and housings along with high quality foam padding and central metal pole. Ordinarily we will need to install this product for our clients.

Naughty castle details:


1.Check the items each morning and night.

2.Make sure no screws off. NO Screw cap off , resulting in screws exposed.

3.Electric equipment running sound with or without abnormal, whether the wire exposed.

4.Electric equipment in the transmission parts, grinding parts need to drop mechanical oil per month.

5.Damage to the toy should immediately stop using, repair or replacement.

6.Rope, lock, board, belt and other connection parts with or without exception.

7.If you find any other unusual circumstances please contact our company.


1) Factory direct supply

2) All welders with rich welding experience over 5 years

3) Experienced design team provide you with professional drawings for free

4) SGS certificated raw material and advanced production equipment.

5) 100% quality inspection and fast delivery time

6) Offer many kinds of obstacles as well, One-Stop Solution Service!

7) High quality, competitive price, portable and durable.

Production process:

Photo of installer:

Workshop drawing:

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