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Soft play indoor playground builder project solution

Soft play indoor playground builder project solution

Product Description

Fiber glass slide:

Our fiber glass slide use FRP material, it has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In the process of use, even after multiple wiping and cleaning, there will be no obvious wear and damage, which can ensure its long service life and low maintenance costs.

FRP material has good strength and rigidity, not only can withstand greater weight and pressure, but also not easy to deformation or fracture, thus ensuring the safety of children.

In addition, FRP material also has good water resistance and fire resistance

FRP material also has good plasticity and design, because FRP can be molded to produce slide products of various shapes and sizes, which can meet the needs of different places.


commercial indoor play structures ball pit soft play area



 Size (L*W*H)





Plastic parts: LLDPE imported from Korea, high temperature resistance,.


Iron parts: Galvanized Steel Dia:48mm; ,Pipe Thickness: 2.2 mm conforming to the National

 standard GB/T3091-2001, with 0.45 mm PVC foam coated

 Soft parts: innermost—wood; middle—sponge; outmost—PVC

 Mat: EVA, different size and color for your selection


 Professional CAD instruction or arrange professional staff install

 Delivery time

 7-12 days  after your order conformation and deposit




Multifunctional, high quality, and satisfactory design

Safety Standards:


Age group:

3-12 years old



After-sale Service

1 year

Example of design drawing:


The cognitive benefits of indoor playscapes go hand in hand with the social benefits. Through regular playtime, either independently or with friends, children develop fine and gross motor skills.

This particular type of mental stimuli is specific to indoor playgrounds because they offer a larger space, intricate structures, and more areas to explore with other children. In turn, your children’s cognitive abilities improve as they are continuously acquiring new knowledge and understanding through diverse experiences and play.

Children ages 1 through 15 will love our playspace where they can run, climb, jump, and learn all within one of Burbank’s largest and safest kids play venues. Day playtime is the perfect treat for your kids when it’s too hot outside but your child still wants to jump and play! Parents and guardians are encouraged to interact and play with their kids during day playtime throughout our whole playground. 

And we offer a variety of play options for your family entertainment center, including:

Interactive Challenge Courses: Soft Play interactive obstacle based challenge course targets older kids and young adults seeking a thrill!

Themed Playgrounds: Our team of expert designers helps you bring your FEC play space to life with any theme. 

Toddler Play Systems: Soft Play offers a line of toddler-exclusive playground equipment to enable little ones to grow and explore at their own pace. 

Adventure Experiences: A Non-Belayed Adventure Course or High Rope Belayed Adventure Course to your own play area.

Elements: With Fun and energy to any space large or small with our Elements soft sculpted foam play areas.

Indoor playground details:


1.Check the items each morning and night.

2.Make sure no screws off. NO Screw cap off , resulting in screws exposed.

3.Electric equipment running sound with or without abnormal, whether the wire exposed.

4.Electric equipment in the transmission parts, grinding parts need to drop mechanical oil per month.

5.Damage to the toy should immediately stop using, repair or replacement.

6.Rope, lock, board, belt and other connection parts with or without exception.

7.If you find any other unusual circumstances please contact our company.


Kindergarten, Daycare, Restidential Area,Shopping Mall.Children’s Museums

Commercial Play Centers, Amusement Parks,Restaurants

Production process:

Photo of installer:

Workshop drawing:

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