Indoor playground introduction

Indoor playground introduction

What is indoor playground?

Indoor playgrounds, also known as indoor soft play centers, which are playgrounds located in the interior environment. They are specifically designed for kids to play in and have tremendous fun with. The soft-contained structure and play equipment are wrapped in soft foam to absorb the impact when children fall or bounce around. These are best suitable for children from 0-12 years. 
The play equipment is covered with a soft layer of foam, as well as the floor so that your child does not get hurt if he falls or bumps. In addition, there are often playing blocks with which you can build high towers, there is a ball pit and there are various trampolines. In short: it is one big play paradise for children which is full of colorful balls and soft materials.  If you want to invest in a children's playground, you must learn the development of this industry. The history of children playgrounds was not too long in china, but the industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Based on the huge market demand, China still has great potentials for making further progress.; with the improvement of living standards, the market demand is also increasing.  in a manner of speaking, it will be a period of rapid development for children's playgrounds.

Location suggestion

The location determinate life or death of investment on indoor playground business. It is vital that you indoor play area on good environment, lots children around the location on foot traffic, other type of business around the area such as cafe shop, grocery store, supermarket. A park or big community nearby. Business street is also good location, Indoor playground can nurse kids for parents.

Collect, investigate and analyze the location of indoor playground, crowd positioning, industry formats and other relevant information The site selection of any industry plays a key role (70%) in the later period of trampoline park profit making, and the site selection of indoor play area is no exception. Park should be located in the surrounding or central areas surrounded by shopping malls, shopping centers, residential areas, schools and other institutions with a concentrated flow of people. These areas have their own flow, which can avoid a lot of promotion costs in the later period. According to the proportion of the crowd structure around the venue, make accurate crowd positioning. If you are surrounded by children, enrich some paradise projects suitable for children in the project setting; If the surrounding population structure is more baby 0-5 years old, you can choose to expand the early education , Or a comprehensive consideration of kids 5-14 years old, for two groups of people to set up a indoor play structure with more functional activity .

Point need be known about the location ,

We learn all details of your place, No only the specification of width, length and height. But also where is the best location for the entrance, how to security the pillar..

1.What is the effective clear ceiling height of proposed location (see instructions below)?

2.Do you have a CAD file (provided by an architect) that you can provide us?

3.Are there any beams,poles or obstructions in your location that will be in the playground installation area?

4.Are there any obstructions in the ceiling space such as air conditioning vents,exhaust ducts,hanging lights,etc. in the playground structure?If so,please provide picture of the obstruction and measurements as well.

5.Are there any hidden doors or fire exits we need to be aware of in the playgrounds area?

6.If have real photo of location will be great help .

For example :

Activities introduction

Hot project for indoor playground

Rainbow Net

Rainbow Net

Ball Pit

Ball Pit

Spiral Slide

Spiral Slide

Drop Slide

Drop Slide

Spider Tower

Spider Tower



Gun Play Zone

Gun Play Zone

Toddler Area

Toddler Area

Palm Tree

Palm Tree

Interactive Projectior

Interactive Projectior

Wall Games

Wall Games

Fiberglass Slide

Fiberglass Slide

City Town Area

City Town Area

Donut Slide

Donut Slide

Role Play Area

Role Play Area

Ball Games

Ball Games

Designs show

Real Case Show

Material Detail

Iron frame:Galvanized steel pipe, pipe.diameter 48mm, 2-3mm thickness in line with international standards GB/T244-97

Wood parts:Malaysia import with thickness 1.5/1.8/2.0/2.5cm

Clasps: Using PA66 as the raw material, the size of a single piece is 34.7*0.75*0.15cm Mat: Environmental, non-toxic and tasteless EVA foam sponge.

Flooring Mat: environmental,non-toxic and tasteless EVA foam sponge.

Plastic parts:LLDPE: The LLDPE has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, strong rigidity , heat resistance, cold resistance, etc.

Sponge: We use sponge plus pearl wool instead of whole pearl wool, because it has a good rebound resilience

Belay:Nylon rope.

Screw: Galvanized high strength screws.

Cover:Normal PVC one and anti-fire, more durable one

Net:4*4CM nylon rope in line with GB/T3091-2001 standard.

Base:LLDPE, used to support the steel frame.

Soft cover:PU and PVC for your choose.

Fasteners:We use cast iron instead of malleable iron, more thicker, more heavier, more exquisite.

Cover side PU and PVC to choose with flat craft.

Ball:We have a wide selection of colors. The specification is φ5.5cm,φ7CM,φ8CM.

Production process

Materials Prepare

1.Materials Prepare

PVC Cutting

2.PVC Cutting



Soft Parts Production

4.Soft Parts Production

Nail Gun

5.Nail Gun



galvanized steel pipe 48

7.galvanized steel pipe 48


8.trial installation

Build Text

9.Build Text

Container Loading

10.Container Loading

Installation support

We will provide a comprehensive installation guide to make the installation process as easy as possible. For large indoor children's playground projects, we can arrange professional technicians to go to the local area to guide the installation, the correct installation is very important for a playground. For smaller indoor playground structures, we will provide detailed 3D installation drawings to ensure installation process are as clear as possible, and we will arrange professional technicians to resolve any installation difficulties via Skype, Whatsapp and email during installation.

  • Pillar installation
  • Plastic parts installation
  • Protected net installation
  • Pillar cover installation
  • Soft arts installation
  • Floor mat installation

1.Pillar installation

2.Plastic Parts installation

3.Protected Net Installation

4.Pillar Cover Installation

5.Soft Parts Installation

6.Floor Mat Installation

Parts installation plan



2.Palm tree

Palm tree

3.Single-plank bridge

Single-plank bridge

4.Chain bridge


5.Ball pool

Palm tree

Running guidance

After you opened a children indoor playground, how to do the promotion and attract more persons? This will be a problem for most people. Since we have done the playground more than 10 years, and always talked further with the final customers and offered suggestions for them to run the playground, and then got their feedback. Thus we summarized the professional plans for the running guidance, here we will briefly mention.

1.Identify your target customer

There are also many kinds of the playground, such as the toddler area for 1-4 years old kids, normal indoor playground for 3-11 years old kids and adventure indoor playground for above 11 years old kids and adults. So you need to observe the flow of people nearby the location and identify your target customer first. Then we customized the playground plan for you.

2.Advertising :

A:Posters and related forms of publicity (the customization of posters, billboards, roller, banners, slogans, store LED display, etc., the children's park is about to open information publicity. If you have the cooperated with the shopping mall, the effect will be better. Banisters, stairs, glass, and balustrades can also be used as advertising positions, as well as community bulletin boards. B.Community entry publicity C.Distribute leaflets and balloons D. Social media likes free play Social media praise publicity, by forwarding the opening of the children's park information to the facebook, instagram, tiktok video, Youtube, mini program and other soical media. E. Mobile advertising Mobile advertising, which has become popular in recent years, involves placing your promotional content on taxis and various types of cars and paying for time periods on a monthly or quarterly basis. Reach the city - wide publicity, but the cost is high, can only be a small range of investment. F. Joint publicity For example, kindergartens, children stores, toy stores, children's clothing stores, etc. G. Network publicity and promotion Send opening publicity information to well-known local portals, community websites, parent-child parenting websites, forums, post bars, etc.

3.Opening day event publicity :

A. Free experience;

B. Member Card discount;

C. Gift-giving activities;

D. Lucky draw;

E. On-site interaction

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