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Investment & Return on indoor playground business

Investment on indoor playground is a rewarding business. On average, payback period is 6 month,You can expect to get back your initial investment in 6 months. The annual return on investment is between 70% to 200%. However, like any other type of business, The actual profit from indoor playground investment may vary with each individual. No two business are the same, You need personal financial analysis. Cooperation with 2kiddy, You are an informed buyer until job completed. Below we have some tips on indoor playground business, team will stay with you figure out all relevant factor on investment and return!

A), Location

The location determinate life or death of investment on indoor playground business. It is vital that you indoor play area on good environment, lots children around the location on foot traffic, other type of business around the area such as cafe shop, grocery store, supermarket. A park or big community nearby. Business street is also good location, Indoor playground can nurse kids for parents.

B), Advertisement

If you are not on a high visibility location, Do some advertise will bring more visitors. Make a advertising board outside building or on entrance. Make some leaflet on nearby community. Informed people that you have a great fun indoor playground bring big joy to kids.

Offer some sales promotion, like monthly ticket and annual ticket, free small toys etc...

C), Choose playground from good supplier

Competition in business is expected! But knowing the advantage of playground from competitor will gain a large share in the market. Having the latest indoor play game will win the market, 2kiddy one stop solution will bring you to peak. As professional supplier on playground business, working with 2kiddy will keep you over competitors and lead your market!

D), Minimize investment

Investment on indoor playground is predictable, cost of play facility +FOB cost +freight +importing tax +installation + maintain. No hiding price, no addition cost , Buy your play equipment directly from the manufacture will greatly reduce cost on investment. Rent of play area will be the major cost, Indoor playground take large space and hard to move. Owner of indoor playground have to sign contact for rent with landlord, conclude the rent for next few year! 2kiddy suggestion you do a depth study of the place before sign a contract!

Labor cost also need to take account. 2kiddy help you maximum save cost on installation (reading article installation see how we do) , After installation, two people can running a indoor play center (150m2), Except (explore facility).


Return on investment of each business will be depending on how the owner operation. Set up a business always have variables on individual, Except ambition and hard work, Working with a professional team can avoid many mistake, 2kiddy superior support can make the different between success and failure! Economic growth bring more volume and less competition, With give the big opportunity for better profit margin. If you located on fast growing market like China, Brazil, India, Mexico, Chile, Russia... , you are one step ahead your competitors.

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