What are the popular items in the children indoor playground?

What are the popular items in the children indoor playground?

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Children indoor playground, with children as the main body and equipped with a variety of amusement items, is a comprehensive children's playground with play equipment. In recent years, children's playground has been popping up in major, medium and small cities across the world. They not only provide children with a small world to play, but also promote the development of the children's play market.

Many investors have also begun to choose to invest in children's playground project and children's parks have various play items. The introduction of suitable, fun and interesting indoor playground equipment projects can make indoor children's parks more popular in the market.

Let’s take a look at what are the popular play items in indoor children’s playground?

01. Ocean Ball Pit

The ocean ball pit is a standard play item in the indoor children's playground. It is composed of thousands of sponge balls combined with various amusement equipment, such as slides, hovercrafts, single trampoline equipment, etc. And our ocean balls are all with CE standard which can see the quality from the photos.

This is an ocean world composed of balls of various colors. Adults and children can play freely in it, as if they are in an exotic world. Children can do throwing, pouring, throwing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swinging, rocking, jumping and other play sports here.

02. Sand pit

Children all like to play with mud and sand, but they will get their hands and clothes dirty and they will inevitably be scolded by their parents. The sand pit can be said to be good news for children. The sand in the sand pit is made of cassia wooden sand and nano-particles, and some matching toys are placed there. It is not sticky to hands and will not stain clothes. Children can play as they want in the sand pit. No matter how you play, you don’t have to worry about being scolded by your parents.

03. Slide

Indoor slides are one of the most important components of children's playgrounds. The slides give children the most direct feeling, which is to improve their limbs to varying degrees through stimulating tactile reactions and at the same time provide physical and mental pleasure and relieve stress. As a children's facility that integrates children's fitness and entertainment, the indoor slide has been around for a long time. Although its production process is very simple, every time the children slide back and forth, it is enough to prove that it has an important position in the hearts of the children. And nowadays, there are many new kinds of the slides can bring the extreme feelings such as magic slide, donut slide, fiberglass slide, spiral slide and light show slide.

Of course, in addition to conventional slides, many are now combined into three-dimensional slides. The optimized ladder structure makes the slide more playable.

04. Play items in the platform

In indoor children's playgrounds, due to floor height restrictions, two- or three-level structures are more common. On the second or third floor platform, some functional projects are set up. When children play, they will encounter many challenges such as drilling holes, grid bridges, single-plank bridges, swing bridges, boxing bags, etc. It is like an adventure, exciting and thrilling at the same time. You can also experience the joy and surprise of succeeding in a challenge.

05. Role-playing Area

The role-playing area unlocks a multi-dimensional content experience in space, allowing you to switch freely between dreams and reality. You can also design many interesting entertainment experience scenes based on real-life scenarios, covering more than 10+ categories such as supermarkets, kitchens, princess rooms, libraries, pet hospitals, etc. Themed interactive scenes use life as the source of imagination and continuously extend interesting gameplay. It can maximize the children's experience and fun when playing.

06. Rope netting climbing 

The staggered weaving of the rope net creates an independent and unique space for children, allowing them to have fun and play, and satisfy their curiosity about exploring.

Rope netting climbing is a sport that allows children to use their imagination and explore the infinite possibilities. Through different distances and height changes, it cultivates children's sense of space and body coordination.

07. Children Stage Show

Children's Stage Show is a show specially provided for children to display their personal charm and talents. It cultivates children's understanding of beauty from an early age. In the process of learning performances, it corrects children's bad shapes and stimulates children's potential and unique personality. It not only improves temperament, exercise courage, enhance self-confidence, and also improve overall quality and aesthetic ability. With the gorgeous stage, fashionable looks, and professional pace, every child is the shining star on the stage.

08. VR Play and Interactive Play

This project is mainly aimed at children after school age, and the main types of equipment and facilities are science and popular science. Increase children's interactivity and participation in popular science facilities, integrate games into scientific principles, and enhance children's interest in science.

09.Breakthrough Area

Breaking through area provides children with the opportunity to challenge, which will not only test the children's physical fitness, but also test the children's endurance and perseverance. Because the project of passing the barrier is not a formal pass, it requires a variety of hand-eye coordination to pass.

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