Trampoline Raiders: Its not just about being able to jump, jumping “wrong” may cause injury

Trampoline Raiders: Its not just about being able to jump, jumping “wrong” may cause injury

05 Jan 2023 / View: 92

In recent years, the trampoline sports park has become a very popular recreational sports project.

A gathering place for trendy people, a check-in center for sports enthusiasts, a new dating base for couples, a venue for perfect encounters, and a time tunnel for experiencing childlike fun and chasing childhood has become synonymous with trampoline parks.

But, can you really jump on a trampoline?

The trampoline looks simple, but it actually has a lot of potential.

It’s not all about jumping, you also need to know the following three steps:

1.Warm up

Basically jump, you have to jump about 30 times.

The sitting bomb can sit about 50 times.

Jump with your hands on your hips, and turn your hands vertically 180 degrees.

Warming up is very important. Let the body warm up first, so that you can jump more unscrupulously.


Trampoline is mainly to master the balance, not to follow the trend blindly. Many people enter the trampoline hall for the first time to experience various trampoline projects, and the current trampoline hall is no longer the trampoline hall of childhood.

There are so many trampoline gyms out there that people can get dizzy, so pay attention!

It is best not to do difficult movements. Trampoline halls will have safety coaches to teach. If you want to do a certain advanced movement, you can find a coach to teach.

Mastering balance is very important, and those with good balance can practice more difficult movements. If your balance is not good, just jump on a small single-person trampoline, don't think about learning 365-degree turns, splitting in the air or other acrobatic movements.


The most basic face-jumping action is the vertical jump. When jumping vertically, pay attention to making full use of free time to practice correct body posture.

The correct body postures include: group body posture, bent body posture, straight body posture and other exercises to make your movements more standardized.

Other than that, the next step is the top priority.


1 Jewelry, necklaces, earrings, earrings, glasses and other sharp objects are recommended to be removed.

2 Only one person can play on an independent jumping surface

3 Can not imitate fancy movements, such as: somersault jump, 90-degree ejection vertical wall.

4 It is forbidden to jump on one foot, which may cause body imbalance.

5 Do not lie down or sit in crowded places

6 Do not jump from the trampoline area to the floor or ground platform area.

Did you find out after watching it?

The trampoline is not as simple as you think, there are many ways and knowledge in the trampoline. If you want to play trampoline well, jump smartly in the trampoline hall, jump brightly, and jump differently from others, you need to start learning from this trampoline teaching strategy.

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