Trampoline park-- is becoming increasingly attractive to young people.

Trampoline park-- is becoming increasingly attractive to young people.

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What do you do during the weekend? This question may be the kind of soul-searching that many young people think about today .

In addition to sleeping to replenish the mood and energy exhausted by work, young people are always trying to find more ways to relieve stress. If middle-aged people drink tea, go fishing, or spend time alone in the car, then young people's needs will be more differentiated, they want to try more things, suitable for the new generation.

On top of that, there is the core need to "move a bit" but not fully "move". So escape room, egg shooting, ski machines, archery, shooting, trampoline park... All kinds of fun sports become a new form of sports type for young people.

There are many benefits of trampoline fitness:

1. It consumes a lot of calories

Trampoline exercise, compared to regular exercise on the floor, trampoline exercise, the impact on the limbs, especially joints, 80% less, 10 minutes of trampoline exercise burn the same amount of fat as 30 minutes of jogging.

2. Small impact on the body

The impact on the body is small, but can consume a lot of calories. Trampoline provides people with an interesting alternative to traditional aerobic training such as treadmill or hiking, bringing more people a happy and healthy experience.

3 Detox and reduce stress

During the jump, it is also in the acceleration of the body's metabolism and blood circulation, the body accumulated waste and toxins will be quickly discharged from the body. With the toxin gone, it naturally achieves a more fat-burning effect.

4. Do easy exercise without getting tired

Another advantage of trampolining over other sports is that you don't get tired. Switch from costly up and down jumps to simple left and right jumps, which also burn more fat than walking on the ground.

5. Relieve Stress

Regular exercise also helps relieve stress. In the process of experience will have the feeling of flying, can relieve the fatigue and pressure of the whole body, make people happy. 

Regular exercise also helps relieve stress. In the process of experience will have the feeling of flying, can relieve the fatigue and pressure of the whole body, make people happy. 

Will trampoline park, which has become almost a regular family sport in the whole world, be a good business now?

Trampoline have been around for a long time, but it has been welcome for young people in the city indoor playground only in the last two years.

On platforms such as tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, twitter there are millions of tips and videos about trampoline parks. Many Internet celebrity have labeled trampoline parks as "fat reduction entertainment" and "fun and not tired". A hundreds of square space, continuous trampoline is the main form of business. 

Falling down, bouncing up, people enjoy the moment of suspension in the air, a temporary escape from gravity, and during that time, put aside all worries and pressures. Some senior players, will make a variety of poses, take the best picture after the end of the activity show it on their social network, and high-end players will use the wall, to achieve some high difficult move.

Trampoline, traditionally a form of gymnastics, came into the public eye when it was officially included in the Olympic Games in 2000. Subsequently, in the United States and other places, it was gradually derived into the entertainment field, there are trampoline theme parks, trampoline clubs and other forms.

Hundreds of venues, trampoline equipment to accommodate large crowds. Therefore, the first batch of trampoline parks were concentrated in the first and second tier cities, which became the first choice for urban youth.

Generally speaking, the trampoline park is more like a playground with a single project. It basically charges fees of tickets. After that, young people can enjoy several hours of fun on the trampoline, and the extra income is basically snacks, drinks, or accompanying expenses of the coach.

Trampoline parks are mostly visited by people born in the 1990s or even 2000s. Similar to the popular inner-city entertainment projects such as escape room and drama killing in recent years, trampoline park's customer groups are mainly students and couples, white-collar team construction, and young families' parent-child trips, etc. The ticket price also has student ticket, parent-child ticket, couple ticket and other specific marketing modes.

"Decompress" and "lose fat" are two phrases that add up to a trampoline park. For the "stressed" young people, sleeping to wake up naturally on weekends cannot completely relieve the anxiety and stress of the week, and a new channel is needed to release their emotions.

Different with the activities that young people are interested in, such as picnics, camping camps, and screenplays, the industrial value of indoor trampoline parks, seems have been not fully defined.

According to incomplete statistics, after testing the market in the first few years, more than 3,000 trampoline parks were opened from 2017 to 2019. On the one hand, the market is dominated by individual investment and there is no systematic operation of straggly soldiers, with low-quality equipment venues to compete in price, resulting in uneven experience quality; On the other hand, as a heavy cost project, some practitioners are relatively short-sighted and only want to make quick money.

Trampoline park and other forms of fun sports hall, the best reference should be Disney and other amusement parks, become the city of choice for family during holidays. "And it's not something that just kids can do, parents can do, it's something that kids and parents can do together.

Trampoline, zip line, rope course, ski machines, Ninjia course... It is the business model of the amusement park to combine different items together and play in the form of a pass. However, different from the traditional form of amusement park, trampoline park will be rooted in the commercial real estate, becoming the convergence and divergence of people in the business area, and will become the primary type of commercial real estate investment, with the possibility of becoming a landmark.

The input cost of a trampoline park is basically more than USD 200000. According to the past experience and the current actual situation, the investment and operation cost can be recovered within 12 months, and the main benefit is ticket, which is about 60-70%, while the rest is catering, training, peripheral and other ancillary businesses.

According to the data, in a trampoline park in Shanghai, received nearly 50 million people during the seven days of National Day, and the daily average number of visitors to the stores was more than 1000 people. The common problem of this kind of indoor entertainment places is that the tide of passenger flow is very obvious, which is twice higher in holidays than in weekdays, and the daily flow of people during winter and summer holidays is also basically maintained at more than 300 people. 

Trampoline park investment belongs to the project of high cost performance, mainly depends on the project's profit point is fixed, mostly rely on ticket sales, as long as to ensure the integrity of the amusement equipment safety and are constantly updated, the subsequent profits is not going to disappear, so investors can be completely bold to try trampoline project investment.

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