Humanized space design of children

Humanized space design of children

28 Sep 2022 / View: 48

The design of children's outdoor amusement equipment and unpowered amusement equipment should advocate humanization. Seeing the world from the perspective of children, children are the center and scale of the design, including physiological scales and psychological scales.

The satisfaction of children's psychological scale can be achieved through humanized design. In the playground, children should feel a strong sense of belonging and security. Through detailed design, it can help improve and perfect the children’s  personality shaping, so as to play a role in the children’s entire growth process to a positive promotion. The park has distinct color requirements for the environment. It is warm, quiet, harmonious, pleasant and comfortable so that children playing in the park can affect their memory, thoughts and will through visual effects, and feel the visual enjoyment brought by colors. Through this visual experience, you can get a rich and pleasant gaming experience.

1. Security.

Children's play equipment must comply with the national standard IS09001, the European standard EN1176 and the American standard ASTM-F1487. During the normal use of the amusement equipment, it is necessary to protect the child from injury from the product. Even if the wrong operation is performed unconsciously, the injury can be minimized to ensure safety performance. Children lack a mature self-protection mechanism. Therefore, play equipment must be tested in terms of product clearance, distance, material, hardness, height, etc. In the material selection of equipment, environmentally friendly plastics and wood materials can be selected, which are both environmentally friendly. Aesthetically pleasing while providing safe touch conditions for children.

Secondly, safety also refers to the all-round care for children's spiritual world. For example, in the overall planning of the park, the creation and design of IP images or themes should bear the brunt of choosing cartoon images with affinity to draw a sense of distance with children. And play a certain degree of emotional soothing effect.

2. Interesting.

Humanized design to meet the emotional needs of children. For children, children are inherently emotional, and they like to approach interesting products that are full of life. Therefore, some children's products with bright colors, exaggerated shapes and cartoon shapes are easier to attract children's attention, which can make them obtain spiritual pleasure and meet their psychological needs.

3. Playfulness

Fun is the last word of development. In the design process of the park, it is necessary to fully consider the needs and characteristics of children, and carry out personalized design in a targeted manner. The simple accumulation of equipment is nothing new, and the immutable amusement facilities are easy to make tourists tired. Therefore, strong cultural soft power is the key to improving the playfulness of the park.

It is the current general trend to learn more, innovate more, think more, explore innovative strategies for personalized design, and develop more playable forms of play.

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