How to choose popular items in a trampoline park

How to choose popular items in a trampoline park

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Do you want to start a trampoline park business? Well, if you are an adventurous person and want to bring enjoyment and peace in peoples’ lives besides yielding profit, then it will be the right choice for you. Trampoline parks offer small and large trampolines to the young and teens for the purpose of recreation or competition. Trampolines are made of strong fabric sheets stretched by coiled springs specially made for jumping and exercise. Both children and adults will enjoy to play here.

But how to build a welcome trampoline park? 

1.Evaluate the feasibility of investing in Trampoline Park project.

2.Collect, investigate and analyze the location of trampoline park, crowd positioning, industry formats and other relevant information

3.Find a suitable location

4.Consult and handle the business procedures of trampoline hall, fire audit procedures

5.Select trampoline manufacturers and provide site cad drawings.

6.Communicate with the manufacturer to confirm the functional project and design plan of trampoline park

7.Confirm the design and production

8.Equipment installation

9.The trampoline park opened and entered the follow-up service stage.

Today let’s talk about the items in a trampoline park. In addition to the trampoline based area, there are expansion area, include basketball, spider tower, Ninja course, flying, rock climbing, dodge ball, dry snow slide, zip line, spider wall and so on. 

1.Dodge ball

The whole point of playing trampoline dodge ball is to have fun, so if you are just playing for enjoyment at home, whatever space you have available is fine.  This comes with the caveat that there must be enough space for players to move around safely and it should be cleared of any obstructions that could be trip hazards.  However, many trampoline parks now have full sized dodgeball courts.

2.Ninjia course

Ninja course in trampoline park, playing this project requires very good physical quality, with great challenge, suitable for people who like fitness sports to play, can challenge their limits in this project. 

3.Spider wall

Spider wall, also known as Velcro wall, viscose wall, etc., is one of the standard equipment in trampoline park. It occupies a small area,  easy to install, attractive, is one of the lowest cost choice for a trampoline park to upgrade the function, attract children.

4.Bubble ball

The bobble ball wrap the player's upper body in a clear plastic foam ball, leaving his legs exposed, and then collide with each other. The bubble allows you to experience a 360 degree flip, and there is no need to worry about safety problems, because the shoulder belt and armrest in the ball can effectively protect your body, so that you can enjoy the fun of collision.


The essence of a trampoline dunk is a comprehensive trampoline sport that integrates strength, skills, tactics and entertainment. Greatly enriched the trampoline playground pattern. It is not only inherited the traditional basketball, but also broke through the traditional game mode. With the trampoline elastic support, players can Slam Dunk with a variety of moves, it build confidence and satisfaction in their continuous breakthroughs.

6.Climbing ball

Climbing is a form of sports that many children prefer. The advantage of climbing is to meet the nature of children. In the process of activities, children climb the top of the climbing wall through their own efforts,  face difficulties and solve difficulties in the process, so that children can enjoy the process.

7.Dry snow slide

Indoor dry snow slide does not have many technical requirements of ability, as long as you dare to try, you will enjoy the general feeling of flying, sitting rubber pad will fly along the track and finally fall on the inflatable air cushion, it is one of the highlight of trampoline park.

8.Zip-line is more exciting item, the height of the equipment is 6 meters high, depending on the slope of the zip-line from one end to the other end, the process is very exciting and decompressing. This is definitely the highlight of the playground.

And in addition, there are foam pit, interactive trampoline, gymastic jump, PE wall climbing, Fight Beam, bridge, Clap game with jump, Adventure racing game, Spider Tower, swing, plum climbing, shaking bridge, etc.

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