Choosing Equipment For Your Playground
Choosing Equipment For Your Playground
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Today’s playground equipment includes much more than just swings and slides. You can choose equipment based on age range, accessibility and theme. Playground structures can include bridges, climbing towers and play panels. You could also consider freestanding equipment, such as spring riders and geodesic climbers.

When you’re picking out equipment for a playground, it’s important to keep in mind the people who will be using it – the kids. If you’re not sure what type of equipment children will want to use, the best thing you can do is ask them. You can let children design their dream playgrounds and use those models to guide your decision-making.

Another option is to hold focus groups with kids and parents and show them different playground layouts and themes. Ask the kids and their guardians what they think of each design, what stands out to them and if they’d like to see any elements included in the design samples in the playground.

Types of Playground Equipment

The different types of playground equipment include:

1.Structural equipment: Think of this as the equipment that makes up the larger structure of a playground. It can include one or more slides, towers, ramps, decks, and bridges.

2.Freestanding equipment: This includes any equipment that’s not attached to the primary structure. It can include freestanding swings and slides, spring rockers, climbers and accessories.

3.Fitness equipment: Fitness equipment includes structures that encourage kids (and adults) to work out while playing.

4.Site amenities: Site amenities aren’t necessarily part of the playground, but help to improve the playground experience for all involved. They include things like bike locking racks, benches and trash bins.

5.Inclusive equipment: Inclusive equipment makes a playground inclusive and accessible to children of all abilities. Examples of inclusive equipment include buddy rockers and roller slides.

6.Shade structures: Offering some shade, such as a large umbrella that stretches over a playground structure, will help keep the playground comfortable even in the heat of summer.

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